Leading Authorities on Business

Winning Strategies from the Greatest Minds

Learn strategies from the best and most successful individuals in the business world

* Explores strategies in marketing, leadership, innovation, technology and more

* Compilation includes essays by bestselling authors, leading business thinkers, former politicians, mountaineers, and more

There are many challenges facing us today, from the onslaught of technology and information, to business mergers and acquisitions, to developing healthy business relationships. Today’s leading business authorities share their insights into such thought-provoking and interesting topics as the future, technology, learning, and business strategy. Each article offers a unique viewpoint on the world and leadership in the twenty-first century. Readers will find articles that relate the past to the future, scientific theory to business theory, and mistakes to opportunities; others illustrate the potency and the hazards of technology to the often over-worked leader. Readers will be inspired by these great thinkers to challenge the status quo, to “think out of the box,” and to find opportunities behind every door. Divided into four key sections, Leading Authorities on Business is an ideal book to refer to when looking for an approach, a technique, or even for an interesting perspective on a subject.

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