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Have you always wanted to be bestselling author? Do you have valuable knowledge you want to share with the world?

We are currently seeking coaches who have what it takes to coauthor a book with Marshall and grow their businesses by gaining the audience and credibility that only publishing a bestselling book can bring.

Publishing is not one size fits all. Every author is different and every book is different. This is why we provide different publishing plans to bring your book to market depending on your goals and budget.

Regardless of the plan you choose we will apply rigorous editing to your manuscript, and we will design and package it so that it stands out from the competition. We will conduct in-depth interviews with you to ensure we know who your audience is and how you want your business to grow through the sale of your book.

In addition to our writing services, we offer three major publishing services each designed to put your e-book and/or print book on the bestseller lists at USA Today,The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.

Please research our services and our pricing to determine which may be best for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have questions.

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Discover how Marshall Goldsmith Publishing can give you and your book the prestige and acclaim you need to grow your coaching business.

Get Published

Do you have a book? Have you written a book? Are you ready to start enjoying the benefits of becoming a bestselling author brings?

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Publishing a book doesn’t have to be complicated. Research different publishing models we offer and discover what model is best for you.