Campaign and Marketing for USA Today/WSJ Bestsellers

Drive your book onto the lists at USA Today and the Wall Street Journal.

When you become a bestselling author, especially at a nationally respected newspaper, you are increasingly viewed as an expert. This visibility leads to more currency for your ideas and your approach to problem-solving. You become the go-to person in your field. This leads to further opportunities that may include becoming a trusted source for journalists or being asked to contribute op-ed pieces to important publications. Your business grows, your stature rises, your fees increase—until you are more than a bestselling author, you're a trusted authority.

A bestselling book can be a real stepping-stone to further success.

Here are the details on our USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller services.

USA Today & Wall Street Journal Best-seller: $191,500 + $40,000 in bonuses

  • E-pub conversion fee: $1,500
  • Printing 10,000 copies: (10,000 black & white $3.50 per book (varies based on length, hardcover vs. paperback), Color ads fifty cents to a dollar per book extra)- $35,000
  • Marshall Goldsmith Publishing fee: $20,000 + ($2 per book)
  • Co-op: Optional $50,000+
  • Production: $25,000
    • Cover Design
    • Internal design and e-pub conversion
    • Content Editing

USA Today & Wall Street journal Bestseller: $60,000 + $40,000 ($20,000 per list) achievement fee

  • E-book requirement: $35,000
  • We guarantee you 10,000 sales of a $0.99 e-book
  • Data entry of giving 10,000 copies away
  • Set-up
  • Achievement fees for e-book and print book are combined (no duplication)
  • USA Today & WSJ Print List: $25,000
  • Author guarantees 10,000 sales of printed book (this is not included in the overall number)
  • Includes Marketing/Pre-sales Planning
  • Processing sales through reporting retailers including Amazon, B&N, BAM, Hudson’s & Independents

Are you ready to become a bestselling author? Tell us about your book, and let's see if you have what it takes to be an author with 100 Coaches Press.

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