Co-publishing is a hybrid between traditional publishing (where the publisher covers publishing costs in exchange for keeping a higher percentage of your book’s profits) and self-publishing (where the author assumes responsibility for all marketing and all publishing costs).

In co-publishing models, the author makes more profit per book than traditional publishing, and also retains book rights as well as a great deal more control of the marketing and selling to retailers. The author makes less profit on each book compared with self-publishing.

In exchange for giving up some of your profit from book sales, you gain a big benefit from the publishing company: distribution in retail stores.

Retail distribution and retained book rights are the benefits you might think about when considering co-publishing. But for an author who is intent on making the bestseller lists, there are some added benefits beyond this: The ability to take marketing risks that publishers wouldn’t in order to push book sales and publicity to maximize the number of books on retail shelves.

The downside of co-publishing

Cost: Many authors may balk at the large out-of-pocket sums needed to pay for co-publishing. Successful coaches, however, will see this as an opportunity to invest in their future growth.

Perceived visibility. Some authors feel they need to be published by a recognized publisher in order to be considered viable. This is true for authors of academic books, certainly. But for business book authors, it's the sales that count, not the imprint.

Reach. Traditional publishers can get books out to a broader public by selling through bookstores and on the internet. Some authors feel that they won't get the distribution they need for bestsellers by co-publishing – and that is true for some co-publishers. Books from 100 Coaches Press, however, offer nationally distributed through all bookselling channels.

The upside of co-publishing

Profits. Co-published authors can quickly recoup the money they spend in publishing the book.

Timing. A cooperative publisher is more agile than a traditional publisher, and can reach the market more quickly. It can take years and years for a traditional publisher to bring a book to market.

Getting Published. Many publishing lists are finite and don't have room for good authors because other authors are taking up that space. Some publishers feel that a book isn't marketable enough for their audience. We work with authors to make sure their ideas and approach are marketable.

Quality Control. Traditional publishing is rigorous, unlike most self-published books. We put books and authors through an exacting process to ensure the highest quality.

Co-publishing is only one publishing model offered by 100 Coaches Press. Discover what model is best for you.

Does co-publishing sound like the smartest option to publish your book and get it out to the world? We would like to hear more about you and your book.

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