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Publishing a book remains the most effect way for an author to build a business, expand a brand and become recognized as an expert.

According to Author Earnings, there were print sales of 793,119,000 in 2016, the latest data available. E-books sold 221,468,000 while audiobooks (a growing segment) sold 30,983,000 copies. That's over 1 billion books sold in a year. These numbers don't factor in sales from self-published books, which is a sizable market.

The message: People are still buying and reading books.

A book is a tool for getting your voice heard and being recognized as an expert. With a well-received book, and one that's a bestseller<link to publishing with us>, you get recognized on a national level.

When bookstores around the country carry your bestselling book, bestseller visibility leads to more visibility, which leads to more currency to spread your ideas and expertise.

You become the go-to person in your field, and perhaps have opportunities to be the expert interviewed on news reports, or the op-ed writer given free space in important publications, and public opportunities even beyond your imagination. Your coaching business grows, your stature rises, your fees increase—until you’re even more than a bestselling author:

With a published book, you become the authority.

What Publishing Model is Best?

The critical thing is to stand out and find a publishing model that works for you.

There are several publishing models: traditional, co-publishing, self-publishing. If you are new to publishing take the time to research and compare the different models to help determine what model would work best for you and your goals.

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