Which model is Right for You

You have a variety of choices for publishing your book.

If you are already well known and you have a significant audience, then traditional publishing might be a good option for you, since your publisher will make sure you're taken care of like a rock star.

But not all of us are rock stars...yet!

If you're a do-it-yourself person who has extensive marketing experience and a wide network of followers, as well as a tribe of ready buyers and readers who are eager for anything you have to offer, then self-publishing would be your best bet.

If you're a coach who wants to create a book that will build your business, increase awareness of your services or position, and you want help to become better known as an expert in your field, then co-publishing system is for you.

At 100 Coaches Press, we offer co-publishing options for coaches who want to create a book that will build business, and who know that their book is a component of a multi-pronged marketing campaign.

Marshall Goldsmith founded 100 Coaches Press to inspire his top coaches to make a name, make a difference, and make a fortune. Talk to us to see how you qualify to become an author with 100 Coaches Press.

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